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Selling your whisky cask has never been so easy
& keep part of your cask to drink as a memento of your ownership

1. Free cask valuation

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FREE online cask valuation

Buy my whiskey cask for cash

Simply enter your cask distillery details to get your free valuation

Price guarantee

Even though your whisky’s value can change daily, we secure your quote for 30-days.

No obligation to sell

We will give you a straight appraisal of your cask(s)’s market value. Following this you have no obligation to sell to us.

Avoid the hassle of an auction

Auctions require a lot more information to list casks, leading to a protracted sale. Furthermore, auction prices fluctuate so there’s always the risk you will get less than you expect. A straight sale is simpler and less risky along with avoiding the high auction costs.

Payment by bank transfer

As soon as we have confirmation from the warehouse that your cask exists we will transfer the funds directly into your bank account.

Why sell your whisky casks to us?

Have you been thinking recently you’d like to sell your cask of whisky but don’t want the hassle of auctions or risk of private sales. With, you can sell your cask of whisky easily and efficiently with our simple service.

Woolf Drinks is a fine wine and spirits merchant specialising in providing unique access to buy and experience the finest whisky and most exclusive Champagne in the world. Alongside this we import and distribute spirits in the UK market, and we also own The Artful Dodger Whisky Collective, an independent bottler of whisky.

Our staff have over 40 years of combined experience in the drinks trade; from working with the Rothschild family to managing a whisky auction. Our staff have sold investment grade wine and whisky whilst others have worked in London’s top bars. This experience and knowledge has left us in a unique position to purchase and bottle whisky. As such we have the self-assurance to reach out to private individuals who own casks and offer our insight to move towards a purchase, confidently and professionally.

If you want to keep part of your cask/s as a memento we can arrange for a bottle/s to be sent to you. This way you can understand what your whisky tastes like and you can keep a memory of the whisky cask/s you once held.



Whisky Cask Valuation

Is it time to realise the value of your casks of whisky? Enter your distillery and details of your cask for an accurate value today. Selling a cask of whiskey has never been so easy.

Did you know that you can request to keep some of the whisky from your cask/s? Just fill in the cask valuation form and add to the notes you want to keep some bottles back as a legacy. We can help arrange this for you.

How much is my whisky cask worth?

You may find yourself thinking “What is my cask really worth?” How much your cask is really worth will depend on which distillery and the age. As soon as you have a valuation you could sell the same day.

Did you know we can help you bottle your cask? Just fill in the cask valuation form and add to the notes you want us to help you bottle your whisky. 

Sell your cask today: We transfer funds directly to your account.

Getting a great price on your cask can often be tricky, that’s why at Sell Whisky Casks we’ll value your cask based on its contents and its current market value. Our free cask valuation tool is fair, competitive, and your valuation is guaranteed for 30 days (subject to re gauge, price may alter), allowing you to sell your cask for cash simply and quickly.

Our mission is to give a competitive price for every cask that’s offered to us. We guarantee that we’ll make you an offer regardless of your cask’s condition, or age (subject to re gauge, price may alter). Simply enter your cask’s distillery and get an instant, free, no obligation quote from our cask valuation system. You can then speak with us and we will finalise the sale, and you can get cash for your cask.

We purchase cask from customers like you every week. With our instant bank payments, we pay you immediately, allowing you to sell with confidence (payment subject to bank clearance times). If you are thinking, “It’s time to sell my cask and I want someone to buy my cask quickly, but for a fair price” then you came to the right place. is a website that allows you to quickly and confidently sell your whisky cask.

What our customers say

Right from the start Sebastian was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I always felt that he had a very good knowledge of the Whisky market, specifically with regard to Whisky casks. Dealing with Sebastian was very easy and I was offered a very good price for my casks. Payment was made swiftly and without any chasing. Overall I would highly recommend Woolf Drinks as experts in dealing with Whisky Casks and a very honest company to deal with.
Private Cask Owner
I would like to say how pleased I was with the ease and efficiency with which you dealt with my cask sales. I would gladly recommend you to anyone who wants to sell a cask. Payment was very quick and it all felt very simple.
Private Cask Owner
Woolf Drinks gave me what I felt was a fair price for my cask. I chose to sell to them over others because they do bottle their own casks. Sebastian mentioned and I was happy to write a note to say thanks and that I would not hesitate selling to them again in the future. I know my cask will be going to good home.
Private Cask Owner

FREE online cask valuation

FREE online cask valuation