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Currently, casks of whisky are fetching high prices due to the global demand for whisky. Blenders and bottlers can’t get enough spirit to satisfy their requirements.

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All you need to do is contact the warehouse where they are stored and they can regauge the cask to establish its volume and alcoholic strength. But don’t worry, we can do this on your behalf and we’re always happy to put you in touch with the warehouse if you don’t have their contact details.

A regauge is when a warehouse measures the cask to establish the total volume of whisky (bulk litres), the ABV (alcoholic strength). From this they can calculate the Regauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA) in the cask, it is from this that we calculate the value of the cask.

The volume of liquid in a cask is measured in bulk litres of alcohol, this is the total amount of whisky in the cask. However, when a cask is bought or sold the trade is calculated on the litres of pure alcohol in the cask. This is the alcohol at 100%abv in the cask. When a cask is filled, this measurement is known as the Original Litres of Alcohol (OLA).

Example 1: If a cask was filled with 100 litres of whisky at 50%abv then there would be 50 litres of pure alcohol in the cask, so the OLA figure would be 50 OLA.

Usually a cask would be regauged within about 10 years (although sometimes earlier or later) of being filled to establish its current strength and volume, because alcohol is lost through the Angel’s Share. This new figure is called the Regauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA). The RLA figure is updated each time a regauge is requested. A new ABV would be provided at the same time as well.

Example 2: If the cask in our previous example was regauged to have 80 litres of whisky at 45%abv after 10 years, there would be 36 litres of pure alcohol left in the cask so the RLA figure would be 36 RLA.


(Please note, examples are not representative of actual casks)

ABV is Alcohol By Volume, this is the percentage of pure alcohol in a cask. For example, a whisky that is 40%abv is 40% pure alcohol and 60% water.

The Angel’s Share is a term for the natural evaporation of whisky out of a cask over the course of its maturation. The story goes that the whisky drifts up to Heaven for the angels to drink, hence the name. Did you know that a whisky that drops below 40%abv is no longer legally a whisky?

We are interested in all casks. We assess each cask on its own merit, and will happily take as many as we think are suitable for purchase. So yes, tell us about all your casks!

If there are any discrepancies between you cask and the details you gave us we may have to change our valuation.

Its worth remembering that we aim to buy you cask at a price that makes you happy and would make you use us again in the future.

We aim to make all quotes as accurate as possible with the information that you provide us with and should not be construed as a contract. If there are any discrepancies between the information you have provided and the regauge figure the quote may be adjusted. For example if there are less RLA in the cask that you informed us of the quote will differ.

It’s worth remembering that we aim to buy your cask at a price that makes you happy and would make you use us again in the future.

We do not charge you a fee. We simply buy your cask at the agreed price.

It’s worth remembering that we aim to buy your cask at a price that makes you happy and would make you use us again in the future.

Payment will be made 7 working days after the sale. There is no charge for this service.

We also offer a next day payment service at an additional fee of £50.00.

We aim to have all distillery information available to be able to value you cask, but if on the odd chance we do not have this on the website please contact us with your cask information and we will be in touch.

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